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The Two Birds Behind 2birds Dubai – Eco-Friendly Women’s Fashion

Posted on October 19 2022


Who knew that after school pick-ups chats would have led us here? We're Sue and Caroline, the 2 Dubai based Aussie birds who used to melt in the heat of the school parking lot, whilst talking about the lack of cool, breathable clothing here in the Middle East. It was quickly revealed that we shared this passion for sustainable and light fabrics and fashion.

And so, our 2birds label was born and our sunny, salty, sandy story began.


Both of us being Australian by blood and living in the heat of Dubai, we understand how vital it is that our clothing allows for our body to breathe. By using airy, natural fibre fabrics, such as Rayon Voile and Linen, warm weather stands no chance against our lightweight looks. When Dubai winters roll around, and the coastal desert breeze chimes in, our looks remain season staples as a result of their versatile ease for layering. It is imperative to our goals that we design collections that are timeless in both style and durability.

As a small, local brand, we ensure a personal touch in every detail at every part of the process. Our expat lifestyle has taken us on travels to many beautiful places around the world, so we want our 2birds collections to embody that wanderlust, as well as our love for the earth. Eco-friendly fashion is at the front of our minds as each piece is handmade with hand screen printed fabrics to align with our goals of sourcing only what will actually be used. You also know what that means…

Everything is limited edition. 

Our limited edition essence stems from the brilliance behind the scenes. We take deep pride in being a women-led business. It is an honour in our joint role as the owners of 2birds and the designers of each piece to see our ideas come to fruition with the 2birds family that we are grateful to have built. Each collection is brought to life with the talent of our wonderful female tailoring team in Bali, our female jewelry maker, and female assistant graphic designer. With an all female retail staff, a female social media manager, a female accountant, a female PRO, and a female sponsor, 2birds continues to operate thanks to the work of this empowering team, so we can thrive in the local and international community of our gorgeous women customers!


Our ever-evolving collection and aspirations as a company are driven by an incredible female force. 

When we think back to those two mums that stood chatting at the after school pick-ups, we are deeply thankful to reflect on how those simple conversations have become our reality. The longevity of our story and styles is proven by the photos we receive of our original looks still being worn to this day by our beautiful 2birds tribe. It is even more thrilling to know that we've still got so much more to come. 

From collaborations with other sustainably conscious, summer loving artisans, to local events that allow us to connect with our 2birds community, to an abundance of fresh designs that are always brewing in our minds, our story is only continuing to flourish.