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Seeking Summer Sun and Sustainable Simplicity

Posted on June 10 2022

Our Dubai based brand was born through a love affair with floaty, fun pieces that create a sense of freshness, beauty and wanderlust.
As a local label, we recognise the importance of minimising our environmental impact. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in production and distribution, so each piece is handmade with hand screen printed fabrics to align with our goals of sourcing only what will actually be used. We believe in buying less and buying better, for ourselves and for our customers - a key way of purchasing sustainably. Our collections are always designed with longevity in mind.
Childe Co sustainable, eco-friendly sunglasses made from renewable resources - plant-based and bio actate eco luxe. 100% UV protectant.
Our range of Childe Co. sunglasses are a special feature of sustainable fashion. We stock the  gorgeous CHILDE WiLDe Plant Based & CHILDE Hand Made Bio Acetate Eco Luxe sunglasses, all produced from renewable resources wherever they can be implemented. Designed in Byron Bay and made in Italy, these eco-conscious frames  are complimented by 100% UV protecting, scratch resistant, plant-based bio lenses. As with all of our 2birds stock, all of this mindfulness is done without sacrificing style, comfortability and durability!

We take pride in our supplier relationships and choose to work with small, personal artisans to ensure the 2birds quality and consistency.

We are so fortunate to spend a lot of our time in such beautiful places of the world, places that we aim to protect. Our designs are inspired by these travels and our passion for the sustainable, breathable fabrics that allow us to enjoy our adventures. By working closely with the very people that bring our designs to life, we ensure attention to detail in each piece; every stitch is handmade with love. 
At 2birds, our goal is to create a range of versatile pieces that become staples within your wardrobe for everyday style, with a summer holiday essence and timeless appeal to be worn season after season. With our sustainable focus, our pieces are guaranteed to last you years of sunny, salty, and sandy savour.
Summer tan girl in hot weather fashion. Zebra print dress with leg slit sitting on the beach at a cute restaurant on a sunny day.

Keep it simple, sustainable, and stylish in 2birds.

In seeking the summer sun and winter fun, we embrace every season by relishing each moment. We love to help our 2birds family do the same, by fashioning the perfect pieces for any occasion. Choose from flowy looks that make you feel like a summer goddess, to figure-flattering styles that leave you with renewed confidence. Visit our article about Rayon Voile to find out how to keep your wardrobe long-lasting with simple tips on caring for your clothing!
Our specially curated and handmade collections are designed to make you look good and feel good, wherever your wanderlust takes you.